Currency Conversion FAQ

Q. I have a mix of coins and notes from a year of travelling. Do you exchange all currencies?
A. Yes we exchange current coins and notes from every country in the world.

Q. I have some US dollars including a lot of 1 cent coins would you exchange these?
A. Yes we would and we would use the same competitive exchange rate for both high and low value coins.

Q. I have a box of coins I would like to exchange but it is heavy. How do I get the coins to you?
A. We can collect the coins from you or arrange to have them collected depending on weight.

Q. I want my school to collect holiday money for a local charity. How do I go about it?
A. Before you start contact us and we will advise you of everything you need to know to have a successful collection.

Q. Will I get a better exchange rate if i sort the coins and notes myself?
A. No, before we can exchange any coins our trained sorters always have to re-sort and re-count every coin and note.